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Completed Research

Decision Support for Preventive Hormone Therapy

Purpose of Project

To develop and test the efficacy of a web-based decision tool to help women make informed decisions about peri- and postmenopausal health issues.

Project Duration: May 1998 to December 2002

Participating Personnel

Principal Investigators(s): David Gustafson
Project Director and Contact Person: Susan Dinauer

Funding Source(s)

National Institute on Aging (part of NIH)

Study Partner

Department of Family Medicine and School of Nursing, University of Washington-Seattle


Women will be able to make more satisfying, informed decisions related to hormone therapy and other related preventive strategies when they have access to an interactive healthcare communication tool.


New CHESS program entitled "Menopause and Beyond"


No publications to date; module was presented as a poster session at the North American Menopause Society conference in September 2000.