Wisconsin Medicaid Nursing Home Drug Quality Indicator Reports

Wisconsin Medicaid contracted with the Center for Health Systems Research and Analysis at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to develop and distribute a nursing home drug summary report that combines information from resident MDS assessments and Medicaid claims data. Each Wisconsin nursing facility receives a semi-annual report covering Medicaid resident characteristics, drug quality indicator (QI) values and a summary of generic drug use within selected drug classes.  Values for the facility are compared to statewide averages and percentile rankings are displayed for many items.  Resident characteristics and drug QI values for the prior two semi-annual reporting periods are included to highlight changes over time.

You may download the User Guide for the WI Medicaid Drug QI Reports in PDF format. The User Guide contains information on the report layouts, brief descriptions of why each drug QI is important, drug QI definitions and tabulation procedures, and sample reports.  The current version is dated December 2004, i.e., the same version mailed with Round 7 of the reports.