Evaluating the Use of Quality Indicators in the Long-Term Care Process (QIS)

Purpose of Project

Serve as a primary research center and (1) coordinate with the resources of the participating institutions: University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Colorado - Health Care Policy Research Center, Maverick Systems and Alpine Technology; (2) facilitate communication among centers; and (3) lead a multi-phase project to test, train, and implement the use of quality indicators in the long-term care survey process.

Project Duration: September 1998 to May 2005

Primary Personnel

Principal Investigators: David Zimmerman, CHSRA, and Andrew Kramer, University of Colorado - Health Sciences Center
Project Director and Contact Person: Allan Stegemann

Sponsoring Agency

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) through a contract with RTI International
Subcontractors: UW-Madison, University of Colorado, Maverick Systems, Alpine Technology


University of Colorado Health Sciences Center


Publication of papers at the completion of the project is probable.