Wisconsin CRC ScoreCard

In Phase I of this initiative, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) engaged the University of Wisconsin Center for Health Systems Research and Analysis (CHSRA), with input from the nursing home associations and other long term care stakeholders, to produce a nursing home quality performance measurement system tested for credibility and ready for statewide implementation.

Phase II involves the recruitment of several Wisconsin nursing homes who are already members of the Clinical Resource Center (CRC) to pilot test the reporting system and associated CRC clinical content. In Phase II these group will assist in selecting which measures are most useful and identifying appropriate resources and protocols to employ to improve or maintain a high level of measured performance. A final report will recommend next steps to make the reporting system available throughout Wisconsin. As with the prior phase, the ultimate outcome of Phase II is to improve clinical outcomes for Wisconsin nursing home residents, which will also improve their quality of life.

The ScoreCard project is available to selected pilot facilities on the CRC website.

Project Duration: 8/1/2015 - 7/31/2016

Primary Personnel

Principal Investigator: Jim Robinson
Contact: CRC helpdesk

Sponsoring Agency

Wisconsin Department of Health Services, LeadingAge Wisconsin, Wisconsin Health Care Association (WHCA)

Funding Source

Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS)


CRC website
LeadingAge Wisconsin
Wisconsin Health Care Association (WHCA)
WI Department of Health Services